About Butler

Butler is a clean, easy to use IRC-bot, implemented in Ruby. It supports hierarchic authorizations, plugins, localization and logfiles.
Features include:


Butler is dual licensed under the Ruby license and GPLv2. That means since ruby isn't a compiled language and you have to provide the source code to a customer anyway it should be no problem to use it in a commercial project. But if you do, hey, it'd be nice to get a little donation ;-)

The links

A quick setup guide to get Butler installed and running.
Detailed information on how to install Butler and plugins.
The administration manual for Butler, also Tutorials for writing Plugins and last but not least the API documentation.
The vault, a download-list of available plugins.
Compendium of the most important external links and a sitemap.
How to reach the author of Butler and what way of contact to use for which issue.

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