Q: Why do I need the `sudo` with `botcontrol setup` in the beginning?
A: Because gem doesn't have postinstall hooks and I'm not arrogant enough to tell you where you have to have your bots, so butler asks you where you want to have all the butler related stuff. It stores those whereabouts in a config file for your user. But since I also ask you where you want that config file to go, butler has to store somewhere where that config file is kept for your user. And to store that single line of information globally, you need the sudo once per user.
Notice that if you setup your gems so that you don't need to install gems via `sudo gem install gemname` you can use `botcontrol setup` without sudo too.
Q: Why is botcontrol so complicated, dealing with multiple bots. Most users only need a single bot anyway.
A: Because I need multiple bots so I can't work with a tool that can't deal with it. I will probably one day or the other release a variant of butler that comes with a simplified botcontrol. But that's not a high priority at the moment.

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