Formattings and their meaning


Internal links
Internal links lead to somewhere else on this website.
External links
External links lead to another website.
Glossar links
Glossar links lead to the definition of the term in the glossar.


Important information

This kind of boxes are used for important information.
Make sure that whenever you see such a box, you read the contents of it carefully.

Ruby code box
This kind of boxes are used for ruby-code. If you see them then you're reading ruby-code
YAML code box
This kind of boxes are used for YAML code
Shell dialog
This one represents something you type in your shell.
IRC dialog
And this kind of boxes represent a dialog on IRC
Yournick:  representing you.
Butler:    is used as the nickname for the bot.
Othernick: representing a random participant.

Marked words

Variable data

If a word is highlighted like this it means that in an actual use-case it should be replaced with some piece of text. An example:

botcontrol create botname

It is meant that you should replace the word 'botname' with an actual name for your bot, for example what you type could be:

botcontrol create jeffrey

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