As a gem
You can install Butler as a gem, you require gem installed for that. Then just do:
sudo gem install --remote butler
sudo botcontrol setup
From SVN

Go into a directory into which you want to download butlers source, then do:

svn checkout butler
cd butler
sudo rake install_gem
sudo botcontrol setup
Which will install it as a gem (you don't need to uninstall an already installed butler gem).

This will create a directory 'butler' within the directory you were and download the most recent version of butler and install it as a gem.
Notice that it can happen that the svn connection prematurely closes. Rubyforge does that with anonymous svn connections if it experiences too much load. Just try again later.
If you run into troubles with an SVN version, please report them in #butler on It can take a few hours until somebody replies, due to different timezones. If you can't stay, write your problem in the Bugtracker, please make sure you pick the 'SVN' group. Thanks.

From source

While it is possible to install butler from source, it is not recommended and currently not supported.

Download the most recent tarball (.tbz), change into the directory you extracted it to and then:
cd butler
rake install
You can install plugins using the botcontrol tool:
botcontrol install pluginname

Not yet available.

Plugins, manual installation
You can also download the desired plugins and then simply copy them to the "plugins" directory of every bot that should have them. If you don't know where your bot is in your filesystem, you can ask botcontrol:
botcontrol info botname
This includes the path for the plugins of each of your bots.

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