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Plugin Tutorial

Plugins are a way to extend butlers capabilities to whatever you like. A plugin can virtually change any aspect of butler. The most common use-case is probably to add commands to butler. All commands butler has are provided via plugins.
This tutorial will introduce you into how to write basic plugins quickly. It does that by first telling the intent of the tutorial-step, then showing the code. If you're a quick-study it's possibly already enough to go over to the next step. After the code follows an explanation that introduces you to some new details, usually all that came with the new step.

Where are the plugins

To start writing plugins you need to know where your plugins are. You can determine that easily using botcontrol:

botcontrol dir plugins botname

This will print the directory where botname's plugins are stored.
In there you'll per default find quite some directories. The core plugins are categorized (for one reason to make it easier to manage access privileges). The suggestion is to use the 'own' for your own plugins.

Further tutorial info

The formatting of the elements gives information about what it is, you can look them up here.

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